Star Wars Always - Topher Grace & Jeff Yorkes Trailer edit!!!!

To Topher Grace and Jeff Yorkes,

Thank you for capturing the feelings of Star Wars! Watching the Star Wars Always Trailer gave all those chills and feels! Their edit captured the feeling of excitement and storytelling that make me keep coming back for more Star Wars! Each character gets a special moment in this cut. And with amazing flashbacks and flash forwards you are reminded of actions and how things connect across the Prequels, the Original Trilogy, and the new movies. 

I am a huge Nerd for Star Wars. I love anything Star Wars, I have my favorites of course, but really could watch  any and all of them. If you made it to my site, then perhaps you are also a Nerd?! I love Star Wars for the characters and the idea of light vs dark. I love how people who come from seemingly nowhere  can get delusions of grandeur. Star Wars can be a way of life. It's an other worldly fantasy with crazy creatures, planets to explore, and heartfelt stories of change and redemption. 

So, take 5 minutes and enjoy this great cut of all the Star Wars! 

-President of the Moon